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Visit The ASHEVILLE MUSIC SCENE website for complete news and information about the music of Asheville North Carolina.

We are very excited about the new site. The music community in Asheville is constantly growing and expanding; new bands, new cds, new venues, new studios and new support services are constantly moving to Asheville. We aim to supplement the existing media coverage and provide additional stories about what's happening around town.

We've got big things planned for the future and we want YOU to be a part.

In addition to our news site, The Asheville Music Scene, we are launching some additional websites devoted to supporting the local music scene and and around Asheville NC.

The Asheville Music Guide will provide comprehensive directories of local musicians, local venues, local studios, and more. The Asheville Musics Guide is up and running and we will be loading in additional data in the months to come. Asheville bands can submit their information for inclusion to

The Asheville Music Gallery contains a wide variety of images pertaining to music in and around Asheville NC. The gallery contains everything from street musicians to concerts and everyone is welcome to submit images for posting. So no matter whether you're a music fan who likes to take pictures at concert, a photo hobbyist whose captured some recent images of local music, or a professional photographer wanting addtional opportunities to display your work on-line and drive traffic to your own website; you'll find the Asheville Music Gallery easy to use and ready to meet your needs.

The Asheville Music Utility Pole is a very simple but useful website. It's a great place for local musicians to hang their concert flyers in order to increase awareness of and attendance at their upcomng concerts. To submit flyers for hanging, just send your jpeg images to

The Asheville Music Wall serves the same purpose as the Utility Pole, a service to help local bands publicize their upcoming concerts. To submit flyers for hanging, just send your jpeg images to